The struggle to find an analytics
system made for mobile games

While being in this market for over 10 years we discovered that the most difficult part of the job was implementing third party systems and controlling all the data coming and going out from our mobile games.
You needed a system to track marketing campaigns data, one to track crashes and error logs, one for ad network results etc.

Why Choose Us

We've put ourselves on the front line testing this system on our products to be sure that it fits the needs of a mobile game developer company.
Weekly updates and constant interaction with the community, we always want to receive feedbacks to evaluate new features.
Multiple economic solutions to fit the needs of smaller or bigger companies.
Easy integration and simple front-end customization system

Included Server System

All the data won't weight over your app, you will be able to analyze everything without impacting on your game performance

Find problems quickly

Analyze Crashes & ANRs with detailed log on what happens, when, on which devices and be able to reconnect directly with those users increasing retention.

Real time analysis

You will be able to track everything you want in real time with no issues into pulling data from the active online users.

Campaigns and retention

Analyze your user's data between marketing campaigns and discover how to increase the retention of your users

We Support multiple game engines

We are constantly working in answering your requests to support more and more engines.


We are improving our systems every month trying to listen to what developers suggest us to implement.Our goal is to create a structure that fit the needs of everybody, every member of your team will be able to use this system with its own features.


How your users are interacting with your game, follow their funnel and solve their issues.

AD Network Integration

Track which ad-networks are bringing you more income and what features of your game are generating more traffic.

Multi-device accounts

Allow your users to register directly to you using multiple login systems, track all their devices.

Real time data

Your app will send all the data in real time, if offline it will send everything as soon as a network is available.


Your marketing team will be able to track his data, your dev team will be able to track issues and see error logs, your support team will be able to track users....One place=Multiple Solutions


We offer flexible solutions to be able to fit the needs of everyone in the mobile games community.For bigger companies we have fully customized systems available.


    $69.00 / Mo

  • Analytics Data
  • Automapping of the game
  • Generic Support
  • AD Network tracking
  • Marketing campaigns tracking
  • Dedicated Server
  • Personalized Support

    $169.00 / Mo

  • Solo Dev Features
  • Dedicated Support
  • Marketing campaigns tracking
  • Remote Account Manager
  • Semi-dedicated server
  • Dedicated server
  • Personal account manager

    $00.00 / Mo

  • Previous packs features
  • Full direct dedicated support 24/7
  • Personal account manager
  • Dedicated server
  • Backup Database and Servers
  • Beta feature access
  • Much...much more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read what some other users asked us before buying our service, it might be usefull for you and it might answer to some of your questions.

Of course not, we support even single developers that wants to track their analytics with a good system.

We thought about this product mainly at the beginning of our journey when we were small and we needed lots and lots of systems and subscriptions to understand our datas.

We offer a 7 days trial offer, you will still need to integrate our SDK into your system, first get in contact with us at so we can create your trial account.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription, of course the downgrade will happen on the next billing cycle, the upgrade will start right away, if you are in the middle of a billing cycle then you will just pay the difference.

If you are a developer which has a game but you don’t have the resources to afford our system then you can go over to , their publisher team will evaluate if your product or idea is worth our “free package” offer.

We know it seems rough but we have limited slots of pro-bono accounts so we have to constantly evaluate the different solutions.